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The simplest solution always wins

Creating WebApps or Responsive Web Sites is really a piece of cake with Thorium Builder.
Save time and just focus on your creativity!

Thorium Builder Interface

Projects Manager


All your projects and related pages are accessible immediately within the project list. Thorium Builder allows you to create an unlimited number of projects!


Dom Navigation


Navigate through the Widgets contained within your page, and reorder them directly from the hierarchical DOM list.


Page Editor


Design your pages by dragging & dropping widgets. Edit the widget properties to customize them. That’s all there is to it!


Properties Editor


Every widget can be customised with various options (background, text styles, padding & margin…) . More sophisticated components have their own configuration dialog.


Widgets List


Thorium Builder includes dozens of widgets. They are ready to use.Just select the widget that you want. Drop it onto the visualpage layout editor. Easy.


Mobile Simulator


See immediate results of your design on mobile devices.Simulate your creation on BOTH iOS and Android devices.The simulations include views on phones or tablets.


Dozens of ready-to-use Widgets

Thorium Builder includes dozens of ready to use widgets!
Just drag&drop the widgets that you want to use from the Components list into the Page Editor. Edit the widget settings. That’s all there is to it.

WebApps Components/Widgets are designed to respect the look, feel, and behavior of the native operating system.

The possibilities are endless and amazing.



Adding a database to a project has never been so easy


Setting up a Database for a Web or WebApp project is highly technical and extremely challenging. Thorium Builder puts the power of the database in your hands! No need for technical knowledge. Thorium Builder’s database makes something complex, easy. All you need to do is focus on the information that you want to include. An unmatched solution for everyone.
Thorium Builder implements 3 methods for using databases with a PWA: 

a local SQLite database with all the necessary tools for managing the records.

an access to remote database with the JSON API REST plugin.


a complete and ready to work implementation of Google Firebase © (Firebase Auth & Cloud Firestore) 

Thorium Builder Database Express Manager


Build Apps for iOS, Android and  PWA!

Not available with the Free Edition

Thorium Builder allows you to export a project to 3 types of targets completely automatically: PWA (Progressive Web App), iOS and Android Native Apps powered by the amazing  Capacitor.js  

Even if you don't have Apple xCode and Android Studio skills, Thorium creates the projects for you.
The generated projects are ready to be compiled, signed and uploaded to the Stores.

Apple iOS
Android MD
Thorium PWA Builder
GoogleMap API implementation in Thorium Builder

Add Maps to your projects

Not available with the Free Edition

Thanks to the Google Map API, the Google SearchPlace API, and the Open Street Map (Leaflet) plugins, you can implement advanced Map functionalities.

You can customize Maps, manually add custom Markers to your map or load them from a database. You can achieve all of this without writing one line of code!

Additionally, Thorium Builder includes Vector Maps that let you create interactive, clickable regions!

Dark Mode Support


Thorium Builder adapts to the light and dark modes in macOS Mojave

Thorium Builder Dark Mode

Built with Solid Foundations


Thorium Builder projects are powered by 2 of the market
leading frameworks: Bootstrap© and Framework7©.

132K ⭐️ on GitHub

Boostrap 4 is the leading Framework for creating Responsive Web sites.

Find out more at:
14K ⭐️ on GitHub

We believe that Framework7 is the best
framework for mobile devices.

Find out more at:
Thorium Builder Form Editor

Unleash the power of Thorium with additional Plugins

Not available with the Free Edition

We have created a market place where you can download free additional plugins for creating Charts, read or create QrCodes…

And if you are a developer, you can of course add your own custom code to the Thorium projects , but that’s not all, we provide as well a Thorium Plugin Packager for free (With the Developer Edition), so you can create your own reusable plugins.


The built-in mobile simulator lets you visualise your project with different mobile sizes, including tablets. 

SEO Ready

Just add Meta information and Open Graph settings… Thorium will generate the necessary code for the best Search Engine Optimization!


Keep your freedom and choose your own hosting provider! The FTP uploader lets you install with ease your project on your hosting provider server!


Thorium Builder includes ready to work amazing effects that you can implement for any object!

Import-export Templates

Transfer your projects between different computers and collaborate with your team by exchanging projects exported in a single file!


Just add your Google Analytics® Key to your Web or PWA project, Thorium Builder will automatically implement the required code! 

Right to left support

Need a version in Hebrew or Arabic? No problem, Thorium Builder includes Right to Left support!


Include Pictures, Video, Audio, youTube or DailyMotion video to your projects with a few clicks!

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